Digital Media

Below is a showcase of the digital media I have created. I hope to continue my podcast series by seeking out a grant, or by getting picked up by a network. My radio show will end once I graduate, but I plan to continue it as a second podcast series.


“Pick Up The Slack” is an original, four-episode podcast series that aims to add to the existing conversations of sexual health, climate change, substance abuse, and power-based personal violence. Each episode contains interviews from two experts in the field and my own synthesis of the information. The series is meant to educate listeners further about these often under-represented issues and empower them to engage in their local, state, and national governments to make meaningful change. The episodes are available to listen to here.


Sweet Sounds of Sara is a weekly, live radio show on that features URI students as guests to talk about what’s going on in pop culture, around campus, and in the world. I take guests through a series of topics happening in the media to facilitate friendly debates. The link to tune in is available here.

Social Media

For my internships and to promote my radio presence, I maintained multiple social media channels.

Pick Up The Slack:

Office of Sustainability: