About Me

I aim to use my skills as a writer, public speaker, small group communicator, and civically-minded individual to create digital content for the goal of educating, and thus empowering, the American public.

In my time at URI, I have come into a role as a mentor and a leader. The culmination of my experiences as a URI 101 student mentor, Teaching Assistant, Orientation Leader, Intramural Sports Supervisor, Peer Educator, and Resident Academic Mentor has taught me the value of cultivating a strong community and fostering a positive team mentality. Though my peers and I are all individually competent individuals, we are strongest when we can bring our unique experiences together. I bring this ideology with my into my professional life so I can create content I can be proud of.

As a woman in a heavily male-dominated environment, I have often felt the strains of gender inequity in the workplace and in my personal life. My exposure to a vast breadth of people at URI has helped me to see all kind of disparities in the world and where our opportunities lie, culturally, to grow. I am especially interested in educating about various social issues to urge people to make changes in their personal lives and in their communities. The call for people to vote and get involved in their communities has never been louder, and I aim to even further amplify that signal.

Contact me below if you’d like to learn more about my professional goals and qualifications. I’m excited to chat with you!